A Beginner-Friendly Crypto Exchange. PointPay Review for Newbies

Cryptocurrencies generate a lot of interest from would-be investors and crypto newbies. But just jumping to the nearest or a random platform might become your first and most serious mistake. As a novice crypto trader, you should realize that dealing with cryptocurrencies can be quite challenging. If you are just getting started, choosing the right exchange is a must. No worries; there are many cryptocurrency exchanges for beginners out there. In our new PointPay review article, we will explain why PointPay is a beginner-friendly platform and why starting your trading journey on such an exchange is a good idea.

Perfect for crypto newbies. PointPay review

Each crypto trading platform has its unique features. However, some of them were created to attract new people to the crypto world. For example, as a centralized exchange, PointPay is extremely easy to use. It also has more liquidity and provides traders with so many additional features and opportunities. So why is PointPay perfect for beginners?

Clear user interface

The user interface is one of the first things to look for in a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency exchange. For example, when you visit PointPay’s official website, you can easily see what you need to do and where to click to buy or sell crypto. If some important information is hidden, or you simply can’t find it, give such a platform a miss.

The platform wallet

You should also make sure the wallet is easy to understand and use. With the PointPay wallet, you can send crypto to your friends via email and conveniently track price changes in your portfolio. At PointPay, they use strong military-grade encryption to store private keys, and you can send crypto payments in just one click!


It doesn’t matter which crypto exchange you’re using; fees will always be involved. However, some platforms provide relatively trading and withdrawal fees on the market. PointPay is one of such exchanges. Moreover, depending on the number of PointPay tokens, extra discounts for takers and makers are also provided.


One of the most important considerations is security. You should always consider the security and protection measures offered by any exchange before you start using it. In the past, many crypto trading platforms have been hacked, and many users have been victims of crypto scams. As a centralized exchange, PointPay doesn’t provide private keys to users due to security reasons. The security of the storage of funds and users’ data is the main priority for the functioning of the PointPay Сrypto Exchange. They also highly recommend enabling both types of 2FA verification in order to provide additional security for your account.


You will most likely find negative reviews about any crypto exchange when doing your research. Some of such reviews can be fake, so you need to look under the hood. For example, type ‘PointPay review’ in the line of Google search engine to get a good understanding of its reputation. You will easily find out that PointPay is trustworthy and legitimate with offices in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Estonia, and Lithuania. The company serves more than 1 million active users worldwide and hasn’t had any security issues ever since the day it was launched.

As a platform with an impeccable reputation among traders, you can easily get your start in cryptocurrencies with a purchase from PointPay. We hope our PointPay review article was helpful. Stay tuned for more news, reviews, and tips on how not to be scammed!

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