Christmas 5000 PXP Giveaway from PointPay

Dear PointPay community,

🎅 Christmas is coming! We organize a 5000 PXP Giveaway.

In order to take part in 5000 PXP giveaway, you should make a purchase for more than 10 dollars in Ethereum (ETH) to the following address:


👛 To make the giveaway transparent for everybody, please make purchases from third-party wallets only (e.g. MetaMask) ONLY, so that everyone could track the payments. Payments made inside the system using PointPay Native Offchain Technology won’t be counted. Please do not make purchases from platforms which do not support ERC-20 tokens (e.g. Binance, Coinbase, Crypto com).

🎄 On December 28, we will make a list of all addresses which took part in the purchasing competition and enumerate them. After this, we will choose 3 winners (2,500 PXP; 1,500 PXP, and 1,000 PXP) with a randomizer and record the process on the video. If you make, for instance, 10 purchases, your address will be listed 10 times, and then you have 10 times more chances to win.

🚀 The purchasing competition is starting today right after this post is published.

Ready? Go!

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