Crypto Fraud Has ‘Exploded’ in 2021. Will 2022 Be Any Better? PointPay Experts Explain

Protect your crypto with PointPay

Watch out for the following warning signs:

  • Misspellings in emails and on social media posts
  • Promises to multiply your crypto or give it for free
  • Blackmailing and extortion
  • Promises of big payouts with guaranteed returns
  • Big claims without any explanations

Do your research

Pick the right crypto exchange platform

Don’t share your private key and enable 2FA

Other things to do

  • Install AntiPhishing code or its equivalent if the platforms you are using support this functionality
  • Set up IP whitelisting for your account
  • Do not invest in recently launched projects that have no information about the team and investors
  • Make sure you download files from a trusted source
  • Always make regular security updates for your operating system
  • Download applications and the updates only from official websites

Final thoughts



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