Forget About Crypto Scams with PointPay! Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe

Forgetting about cryptocurrency scams. Best security practices from PointPay

  • Even if you found a crypto exchange or a trading platform you can trust, it’s better not to keep your cryptocurrency there for a prolonged period or even longer than necessary. Even though you decided to keep your crypto on such a trustworthy platform as PointPay, experts and analysts believe it’s much better to store your Bitcoins and other tokens in software or hardware wallets.
  • However, PointPay experts advise storing your cryptocurrency in a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets store your private keys on an external device like a USB. That’s why they are highly secure. What is more, you can make online payments, and some of such wallets are compatible with web interfaces and support different currencies. Hardware wallets are designed to make crypto transactions easy and convenient, and they’re considered the safest means of storing your digital assets.
  • Don’t forget to always enable a two-factor authentication function. Two-factor authentication, or simply 2FA, is another step added to your login process. It offers an extra level of security. Crypto scammers can’t easily access your account as they need more than just your username and password details.
  • Come up with a pin code or password, which is hard to guess. One of the most common ways cryptocurrency scammers and fraudsters break into your wallets is by guessing passwords. So forget about QWERTY and 123456. Instead, choose a long and a more complex password that contains at least ten characters, commas, percent signs, as well as upper-case letters and numbers. What is more, never put your 24-word recovery sheet online. It is much better to store it somewhere offline.
  • Assume that your laptop, tablet, or smartphone might be compromised anytime. Always treat your devices’ screens with caution!

What else you can do to stay safe and not fall victim to a crypto scam

  • Login only to official and secure websites with a valid HTTPS certificate;
  • Don’t connect to your crypto wallet or exchange account via public WiFI;
  • Double and triple check crypto addresses as scam programs can change it when you send your crypto;
  • Don’t keep all your Bitcoins and other altcoins in only one place — it is better to separate your funds.



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