Happy New Year, PointPayers!

Dear PointPayers,

🎊 Thank you so much for being with PointPay in 2020! You were those who helped PointPay to be better every single day. We analyzed all your feedback and made a lot of improvements. And for sure we will continue being №1 cryptocurrency ecosystem in 2021. We are always welcome to help each client in our Customer Support service and via email: info@pointpay.io

Thank you! 🎄

Small pre-New Year Update

😉 We have made an educational tour at the web version of PointPay Bank for new users who sign up at PointPay. We think it will help all the new users to simplify the process of acquaintance with PointPay Crypto Bank. Please look below the screenshot :)

Invitation to PXP token sale

💡 PointPay Team invites you to participate in PointPay token sale. With PointPay token (PXP) you can:

  • Earn up to 30% yearly with Savings Account in PointPay Bank;
  • Get a taker/maker fee discount for trading on PointPay Crypto Exchange;
  • Receive a fee discount for internal transfers within PointPay Ecosystem;
  • Get access to PointPay Crypto School;
  • Receive a lower interest rate for taking out a crypto loan from PointPay Bank.

How to buy PXP token?

  • You can buy PXP directly from the web version of PointPay Bank using ‘Convert to PXP’ tab (for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USD or any other cryptocurrency). The links are clickable.
  • You can buy PXP in PointPay App using ‘Exchange’ tab as well;
  • To buy PXP from an external wallet (MetaMask or MyEtherWallet), please use this link: https://pointpay.io/buytoken . After buying PXP, do not forget to add this token in order it displayed in your portfolio. If you have difficulties, please write us → info@pointpay.io

🎄 Happy New Year, Friends!🎄

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