Introducing the brand new Quant (QNT) asset on PointPay!

2 min readSep 25, 2023

Introducing the crowd favorite, Quant (QNT) token! As of today, PointPay proudly offers the Quant token as part of its growing asset portfolio.

Recently, we conducted an engaging activity open to all PointPay users. Participants were encouraged to submit their preferred assets for listing on PointPay. From the numerous submissions, we meticulously selected the top four most sought-after and frequently mentioned assets. These contenders battled fiercely for a coveted spot on PointPay’s platform.

In a closely contested competition, PointPay users cast their votes to champion their favorite asset, and the victor emerged as Quant (QNT). We are thrilled to announce that the listing process is complete, and Quant is now accessible to all on the PointPay platform!

Quant Project

The Quant project stands as a beacon of innovation, offering comprehensive business solutions that leverage blockchain technology to empower financial institutions, enterprises, and their clientele. Within the scope of its operations, Quant facilitates the immediate adoption of tokenized assets and blockchain, aiming to enhance financial services and elevate their quality.

Quant equips businesses with the versatility to integrate blockchain as either the cornerstone or a complementary element within their services, applications, and operational workflows.

Quant’s most distinctive feature lies in its ability to seamlessly unite multiple blockchains into a unified system. Under this umbrella, developers can effortlessly extend their presence across various blockchains, leveraging Quant as the intermediary. In essence, Quant serves as the universal bridge between blockchains, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses.

Quant Trading Competition

In keeping with our time-honored tradition, the introduction of Quant on PointPay heralds the commencement of an exciting trading competition. You now have the opportunity to participate in the Quant Trading Competition, offering not only a chance to acquaint yourself with this asset but also the prospect of winning PXP tokens by securing a top position in the competition rankings!

Before you embark on your trading journey, please remember to confirm your participation in the competition. All prizes will be automatically credited to winners at the close of the competition!

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