Introducing the new PointPay Talent Platform!

4 min readMay 4, 2022

PointPay is pleased to introduce our latest service: the PointPay Talent Platform — one of the most exciting products to launch in 2022. The Talent Platform is our solution to the problem of finding and managing remote professionals on a global scale. It empowers you to find and hire the best people, regardless of their location. The PointPay Talent Platform embodies our mission to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone worldwide.

It is aimed at individuals who have outstanding skills in various fields of expertise. The platform will allow them to showcase their knowledge and be discovered by employers with job openings. It will also provide employers with tools to effectively manage their remote workforce.

What is the PointPay Talent Platform?

PointPay Talent Platform — is a platform that connects remote professionals with employers seeking their expertise. It is an efficient way to connect remote talent with the right jobs. Whether you are an experienced professional or a fresh graduate, you can use our talent platform to find a job that fits your needs. We help companies grow by finding the right talent to help them meet their business needs. Our platform will help you have more flexibility and access to more opportunities.

We want to create economic opportunities for people to live better lives. We have developed a marketplace where businesses and talent can come together and benefit from each other with this goal in mind. We create pathways that lead to financial stability, better working conditions, and cultural flourishing.

When should you use the PointPay Talent Platform?

The PointPay Talent Platform is designed to match freelance talent with employers, either individuals or companies.

Use our services:

  • PointPay Talent is a great way to get in touch with a company looking for talent like yours if you’re an individual freelancer. PointPay strives to unite thousands of companies and individuals from all over the world.
  • PointPay Talent has a vast network of talented freelancers ready to be hired if you are looking for talent. You can post jobs and view applications from freelancers ready to work, bring their skills to your business and help it grow.

How does the PointPay Talent Platform work?

PointPay Talent Platform aims to become one of the largest independent professionals and companies networks. The working process is quite simple:

  1. Once your registration is complete, the company or individual looking to hire a freelancer creates a contract on the PointPay Talent Platform. The seller of the service (freelancer) should then submit the proposal. Once the right freelancer is selected, both parties agree to the transaction terms.
  2. The buyer of the service pays on the platform in the preferred cryptocurrency. In case of insufficient funds in the account, a person can deposit digital assets through the PointPay payment system. The PointPay Talent Platform verifies the payment and then informs the seller of the service that the money is secured in the PointPay account.
  3. The seller of the service delivers the work to the service buyer. If the work has been divided into milestones, the freelancer receives payment after the service buyer approves each milestone.
  4. The service buyer accepts or declines the delivery of the service ordered. You can always raise a dispute in the case delivery is unsatisfactory. Our customer service team will take care of resolving the dispute.
  5. If the service buyer accepts the delivery of the work, PointPay will release the money to the freelancer on the PointPay platform.

Advantages of the PointPay Talent Platform

Online work marketplaces have been around for a long time, but they all started with the same basic idea: connecting employers with job seekers. PointPay Talent is a blockchain-based platform that provides an innovative way to hire, manage, and develop talent in the digital world.

  • Proof of Quality

When you are looking for someone to fill a position in your company, you want to find the best person. It’s not always immediately apparent from a simple resume or interview who that is. That’s why we will soon enable ratings from previous clients on the PointPay Talent Platform. This would let you see what kind of work the candidate has already done and determine if they meet your requirements.

  • No cost until you hire

With PointPay, you pay nothing until you decide to hire a candidate for your job. At that point, your payment is processed through an escrow account, meaning it is held securely by PointPay and not released until the work is done and approved by you. This ensures that both parties are satisfied with the outcome of their agreement before the money changes hands.

  • Secure and reliable

We are here for you, whether you are a freelancer or an employer. If either party has a problem, we will solve it for you and make sure any issues arising from the contract are resolved. Work with us, knowing that we have your back. Our team is available 24/7.

  • Get paid in cryptocurrency

The PointPay Talent Platform supports payments in 14 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, USDT, and PXP, the PointPay native token. Users can easily transfer digital assets between different products on our platform. For example, once you have paid in cryptocurrency, you can deposit your digital assets into a savings account and start earning rewards!

The PointPay Talent Platform is based on the PointPay Escrow Platform, which is designed to secure financial transactions of virtually any complexity. Therefore, the early version of the PointPay Talent Platform looks similar to the Escrow service, but we are working hard to make improvements in the upcoming releases.




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