Join AMA with PointPay CEO, Vladimir Kardapoltsev, on the 31st of March 2022 (18:00 CET time).

2 min readMar 24, 2022


Dear PointPay Family,

Join us for the next PointPay AMA meeting on Youtube on Thursday, March 31, 18:00 СЕТ/9:00 PT. We are excited to share insights on the development of the PointPay platform and get valuable feedback from our users.

Our community frequently asks about the future goals of the PointPay platform and the launch of new projects. The Launchboard platform is of particular interest to our PointPay family, so we would like to provide insight into our development efforts to launch our new ecosystem product. Vladimir will also share the details on the complex release of a new version of the PointPay exchange on Golang.

Our team will announce the link to participate a few hours before the start of the AMA. So keep an eye on the main chat on Telegram and Discord. Please submit your questions for the upcoming AMA session via this link by March 30, 18:00 СЕТ/9:00 PT.

See you next Thursday!

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