Meet new version of PointPay Banking app for iOS

1 min readSep 1, 2021


Dear PointPay Family,

🆕 We are thrilled to announce new version of PointPay Banking app for iOS (5.9.0).

📱 Here we have collected the major updates and improvements:

  • completely new Buy and Sell screens redesigned from scratch;
  • now when doing a sign-up via the app, you will be automatically redirected to your default email app for confirmation of your account via email link;
  • while copying the address on the Balances screen, you will see the exact address you’re about to copy in a pop-up window;
  • cryptocurrency price alerts feature can be easily found on the Settings screen (track cryptocurrency price changes with comfort);
  • small improvements and bug fixes to make PointPay Banking app for iOS even better!

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🏦 Remember we are PointPay and we are beyond banking!

💡Check PointPay Live-Roadmap (PointPay development in real time): (August 23 — August 27, 2021)

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