Migration from PXPv1 to PXPv2

Dear PointPay community,

🚀 In order to increase project scaling, we have started migration process from PXPv1 to PXPv2. We have prepared a list of frequently-asked questions (FAQ) with answers to them to address your concerns.

1. What is the reason for migration?

There are a few reasons why we need this:

  • PXPv2 is an improved version of PXPv1 smart-contract with escrow services which will enable us to launch escrow module as part of PointPay ecosystem and expand the product line. PXPv1 is incompatible with the products on which we are currently working on.

2. When will migration is going to happen?
Migration from PXPv1 to PXPv2 has been already completed successfully.

3. Should I do anything to swap PXPv1 to PXPv2?

  • If you are an offchain holder inside the PointPay Ecosystem, then the migration has already been conducted for you. You have to do nothing.

4. How to add PXPv2 token in my portfolio in MetaMask, MyEtherWallet or any other decentralized wallet if I am a blockchain holder of PXP?

Please add PXPv2 token manually using the following data:

Contract: 0x95aa5d2dbd3c16ee3fdea82d5c6ec3e38ce3314f
Ticker: PXP
Decimals: 18

5. Which token will be listed? PXPv1 or PXPv2?
PXPv2 will be listed on trades. We do not support PXPv1 anymore.

6. Was an audit conducted for PXPv2?
Yes, for sure. As part of listing process, the security audit has been conducted by Certik. No critical issues found. Link to the audit: https://cdn.pointpay.io/Certik_audit_PXPv2Token-2021-06-25.pdf

7. Has the tokenomics changed?

The tokenomics has not been changed.

8. Could you share the link for PXPv2?


💡Check PointPay Live-Roadmap (PointPay development in real time): https://pointpay.io/live-roadmap/ (July 5 — July 10, 2021)

📅 Check PointPay Roadmap: https://pointpay.io/#roadmap

👪 Discuss the project in PointPay Family Telegram chat: https://t.me/pointpay_talks



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