Minimum deposit for old PXP reduced!

2 min readApr 8, 2024

Token Swap is a complex and phased process. Nevertheless, PointPay has completed the swap for more than 80% of PXP holders. Furthermore, the Token Swap procedure has also been executed on partner exchanges Bitrue and WhiteBit, automatically replacing all old tokens with new ones.

However, besides large PXP holders, investors, and active users, there are also others — users who acquired PXP in quantities of up to 1700 old PXP (~$20). There are many such users, and PointPay wants them to be able to undergo Token Swap too!

For this reason, PointPay is reducing the minimum deposit for old PXP to 800 (~$10). So, if your PXP was stored in an external wallet and you couldn’t transfer them to PointPay for Token Swap — now you can! Simply make a regular deposit, and then you’ll be able to swap your tokens.

Initially, our aim was to conduct Token Swap for the majority of PXP. This was crucial for a stable and smooth transition to the new token version. However, we value each of our PXP holders. The quantity of tokens in this matter is secondary. We hope that now every PXP holder, from the largest to the smallest, will be able to swap their tokens and stay with us!

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