PointPay April Listing Digest

3 min readMay 6, 2024

Dear PointPay Family,

April has come to a close, and it’s time to wrap it up with our Listing Digest! We’ve had a plethora of news during this period, and amidst it all, some listings may have slipped under the radar. But fear not, now you’ll be fully informed about all the new assets and trading pairs on our platform!

New Cryptocurrencies

Throughout the month, PointPay has welcomed several new cryptocurrencies, enabling traders to manage their portfolios even more effectively and diversely. Let’s welcome the newcomers:

Enter Akropolis, the decentralized asset management platform thriving within the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem. Here, users are bestowed with the authority to craft and oversee their investment portfolios autonomously or choose to entrust asset management to fellow participants within the network. Akropolis prides itself on its decentralized essence, modular design, and the transparent documentation of all transactions etched onto the Ethereum blockchain. At its core, the platform relies on its native AKRO token for facilitating transaction fees and engaging in governance proceedings.

Behold Alchemy Pay, a versatile cryptocurrency payment solution merging the realms of digital and fiat currencies seamlessly. With its hybrid model, Alchemy Pay extends its accessibility to a diverse spectrum of users, spanning across more than 60 countries globally. Bolstered by state-of-the-art security measures, Alchemy Pay ensures the safety of user transactions. The native ACH token serves as the conduit for transaction fees on the platform and unlocks exclusive discounts on its suite of services.

Dive into the Sui Network, a blockchain platform designed to deliver the advantages of Web3 with the user-friendliness of Web2. Sui empowers users to construct and manage their own digital assets securely, fostering a sense of true ownership. The platform prioritizes a familiar user experience, allowing interaction with applications on Sui to be as effortless as logging in with existing web credentials. Sui positions itself for the future of blockchain technology, offering the potential for boundless scalability, rapid transaction processing, and cost-effective operations. Fueling this innovative network is the native SUI token, employed for various purposes including Transaction Fees and Governance!

New Trading Pairs

New cryptocurrencies inevitably form trading pairs. Furthermore, some of the well-known cryptocurrencies have also gained new pairs. Here are all the additions to our exchange for April:


All these additions broaden the horizons for PointPay users, allowing for more experimentation, finding what suits you best, or simply trying something new! Explore all the latest offerings on PointPay!

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