PointPay CEO — Vladimir Kardapoltsev spoke with CryptoNewsZ

PointPay’s Crypto Bank offers a wide range of traditional banking services, such as money transfers, savings, lending and investing in various financial instruments. Though, what makes PointPay unique, is an integrated blockchain technology that enhances these services.

PointPay’s user interface is similar to that of traditional financial institutions, but with some improvements. For instance, instead of requiring a credit check, in PointPay anyone can take out a loan in a matter of minutes. In addition, the PointPay Crypto Bank provides higher interest rates than any traditional banks.

Recently, CryptoNewsZ conducted an interview with Vladimir Kardapoltsev, CEO of PointPay, about investing in cryptocurrencies versus local currencies:

“I like that crypto is not connected to a particular country, so it’s not affected by the actions of the country’s government. A recent example is that Russia’s foreign policy made the ruble fall through the floor, and the citizens just had to bear the brunt. So most of them lost their funds in relation to other currencies quite quickly. On the opposite end, crypto doesn’t belong to any country; it’s global: most people can buy, sell and use it.”

The discussion also touched on the role of cryptocurrencies in fighting inflation. In October 2021, consumer prices rose at the fastest rate in more than three decades.

The price increase was caused by supply chain disruptions and increased demand for goods. In addition, rising wages could lead to higher prices as companies hope to offset rising labor costs.

Bitcoin was created during the Great Recession in the United States as a decentralized store of value independent of any government. The leading digital currency is not dependent on any government. A government’s attempt to regulate the cryptocurrency may affect its price, but Bitcoin’s future does not depend on a country’s policies.

“Cryptocurrencies have a major advantage over fiat currencies in that they cannot be diluted or devalued. For instance, Bitcoin’s value is determined by its rarity, security, and transferability. More and more institutional investors are using Bitcoin to hedge against inflation and currency devaluation and to diversify their portfolios.” — Vladimir Kardapoltsev shared with CryptoNewsZ correspondent.

In an interview, the CEO of PointPay revealed some cyber hygiene rules on how to protect your crypto holdings. In addition, Vladimir Kardapoltsev explained PointPay’s approach to security:

“Security is a top priority for PointPay. To detect threats and vulnerabilities, we use automated vulnerability scanning tools. Our company also uses SSL to encrypt transmitted data with industry security protocols. Our website also complies with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) requirements. This means that we guarantee protection against theft of customer data and other fraudulent activities during transaction processing.”

You can read the full article on CryptoNewsZ via the following link.

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