PointPay Crypto School: Blockchain Education for the Whole World

Dear PointPay Community,

We are thrilled to announce about the release of PointPay Crypto School. It contains the video tutorials which are divided into three difficulty levels:

  • beginner;
  • medium;
  • expert.

Some videos are free for watching and learning, the others are premium. To receive the full access for the premium video tutorials in PointPay Crypto School, you are to have at least 2000 PXP tokens on PointPay Crypto Exchange in the ‘Accounts’ section.

For buying PXP tokens, please use PointPay Token Sale Platform. The price of 1 PXP token is currently $0.1. After the purchase of tokens, they will be credited to your PointPay Wallet. Please send them to PointPay Crypto Exchange then to get the full access to PointPay Crypto School and premium video tutorials.

Thank you for the support of PointPay with the token sale. We provide blockchain education for the whole world and continue working under the project!

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