PointPay Grow Family Contest!

2 min readMay 8, 2024

Dear PointPay Family,

Day by day, we’re actively evolving, and our family is growing more and more! Today, we’re excited to announce a new contest for our users! Participating is simple — invite your friends to join us, and we’ll reward the most successful ones from you!

The contest is taking place within our X media account. This is one of our main social platforms, where you can find all the latest news, events, and announcements. Any PointPay user with an X account can participate!

The contest is divided into two parts: new subscriptions and activity in messages! For each part, the most successful user will be awarded PXP equivalent to $100!

In the first part of the contest, we invite you to bring your friends into our X community! Tell them about PointPay, share your experience using our platform — let them subscribe to our X community. To receive credit for this subscription, it needs to be confirmed through the contest on Zealy. Pay attention to go through the “PointPay Grow Family Contest” block! After confirmation, your friend can provide your PointPay ID (also in Zealy), and we’ll credit you with a point!

The user with the highest number of points by May 15 will be the winner of the first part of the contest!

The second part runs concurrently with the first. Here, you also need to invite your friend to our X community. Your friend’s task: subscribe and send us a personal message with the PointPay ID of the user who invited them (that’s you)!

After May 15, we’ll tally all the messages and determine the winner of the second part. Please note that there will be two winners for two parts! If the same person wins both parts, the user with the second-highest result will be designated the winner of the second contest.

Invite your friends, tell them about PointPay, and reap the rewards! And don’t forget, your friends can create their PointPay account through your referral link. This way, you can receive additional bonuses and rewards later on! The PointPay family is growing rapidly — and you can help us grow even more!

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