PointPay Mobile Crypto Banking Applications Launched

1 min readAug 6, 2020

Dear PointPay Community,

We are thrilled to announce that we have launched PointPay mobile Crypto Banking applications for iOS & Android (version 1.0.2) where you can:

  • earn daily compound interest on your crypto checking and savings accounts (in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USD, Tether Gold, PointPay token);
  • easily store and send cryptocurrency;
  • receive crypto via wallet address and QR-code;
  • check your transaction history on each PointPay crypto bank account.

Do not forget that you can earn 15% APR in PointPay tokens (PXP) on your PointPay PXP Savings Account.

Don’t have PointPay tokens yet? You can buy them on PointPay Token Sale Platform.

The next features of mobile PointPay Crypto Banking applications we are working at:

  • Buy /Sell cryptocurrency option;
  • Instant Exchange of crypto;
  • Crypto transfers between checking and savings accounts;
  • Crypto lending module.

You can support us by taking part in our token sale!




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