PointPay Monday Update

Dear PointPay team,

Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Removed hyphen in network types to show users the correct network type;
  • Submitted version 7.7.3 for review in the App Store.


  • the ability to delete payment methods in the profile in P2P flow;
  • a filter by dates in the Contracts tab in P2P flow.

For Android mobile application

  • Fixed incorrect display of network types in the Send to Wallet, Send to Email, Receive To Address flow;
  • Fixed 2FA logic so that the required 2FA login method is displayed to users by default;
  • Added the ability to select payment in the purchase flow within the P2P platform;
  • Received approval for the review and published version 6.4.4 in Play Market.

Interface Development

  • Improved the display of the avatar for users;
  • Added missing currency icons, improving readability for users;
  • Updated Live Roadmap on the Home page.

Prepared the base of the Referral Program

  • for the front-end and implementation;
  • docker images, local environment, set up bases, Lucid Micro, dependencies, IDE Helper configuration, tinker, PHPUnit, CodeSniffer, Larastan, pipelines.

CryptoBank Development

  • Optimized the output of interest rates on cryptoloans;
  • Conducted a regression of cryptoloans to ensure the quality of the product after improvements.


  • cash flow processing when activating a cryptoloan;
  • the full and partial repayment of a cryptoloan;
  • security when creating a cryptoloan.

P2P Development

  • Refactored work with events;
  • Increased the accuracy of creating events and chat messages.


  • a Timezone list, so users always see ads according to their timezone;
  • an endpoint for a time zone;


  • Contract filters so that the user can filter contracts;
  • the Admin API: Creating payment methods and attributes.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Implemented the “My Talents” page;
  • Added a parameter to the messenger to determine if the user is a talent or a client.


  • the display of the “My contracts” page by removing incorrect contracts;
  • display of the reason for rejecting a contract by a moderator.



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