PointPay Monday Update



  • testing KYB Limits (ready for release);
  • fine-tuning of sending internal notifications to businesses on deposits and withdrawals.


  • Wrote documentation on CryptoBank project teams to simplify service support;
  • Finalized plugin for Benthos to send data to Clickhouse as part of statistics service development;
  • Finished moving the Deposit module to a shared library, which will allow using it on other projects.


  • Completed development of the new version of Quick Exchange;
  • Tested the new Matcher at the development level, preparing for the release of a new version to improve performance;
  • Updated the account balance change API to match the new architecture and bring the code to a universal state.

Mobile Apps


  • Cleaned up the code from old classes as a technical task to improve the overall code;
  • Implemented a Stake PXP screen in the Launchpad flow;
  • Displayed a tag in the Receive By Address flow for XRP.


  • Implemented several pairs of sorting filters on the Exchange;
  • Modified the chart change icon in the Exchange flow as it should look according to the design layout;
  • Implemented the Voting history in the Launchpad Flow so that users could see the history of projects where they staked PXP;
  • Implemented all the functionality to buy project tokens in the Launchpad flow.


  • Investigated how KYC works in SumSub and added signature verification to improve overall process security;
  • Prepared User Levels for release;
  • Prepared for release tasks to move to SumSub’s native flow when going through KYC.


  • Improved rounding in Total Votes on Voting to make it look nicer to the user;
  • Added filters to the Voting Records page so the user can filter their voting activity.



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