PointPay Monday Update

Dear PointPay family,

Withdrawals & Payment System


  • Invoices functionality as it is related to the KYC Limits. This allows our users to set Invoices (Currently in testing);
  • Unified Balances in terms of tracking the status of KYC progress. This allows us to track the KYC stages in the Unified Balances;
  • The Matching service to compare transactions in Custodians/Blockchain and transactions in PointPay internal systems.


  • Added a search by currency in Accounts summary, so you can quickly find the right one by full or abbreviated name;
  • Completed work on a unified format of error addressing, which will work better to inform the user about the error’s cause, as well as simplify further implementation of the errors;
  • Completed the analytics phase of the statistics service, which will allow the user to display useful reports and graphs.


  • Added tests within the Exchange to make the development process faster.


  • charts, gradually moving towards making them as fast as possible for users;
  • local development environment to help developers execute tasks better.

Mobile App

For iOS mobile app

  • Released a new version 7.7.1, which includes new KYC conditions and displaying KYC level insufficiency.


  • the possibility to receive funds via payment methods dynamically in Buy/Sell flow in P2P;
  • a component to display dates in Chat in P2P;
  • auto scroll down, if a user sends a message when logged into Chat with history in P2P;


  • the display of an insufficient amount of KYC level, so that it would appear in necessary cases when the level of KYC is insufficient;
  • the ability to delete payment methods in P2P;
  • toggle online/offline functionality.

For Android mobile application

  • Implemented the ability to display field errors when validating an ad in the My Ads flow in P2P, so that users can see which fields they made errors in and can correct those fields;
  • Replaced the text for the insufficient KYC level.


  • the ability to create ads in the Buy flow with “Floating Price” in P2P, so users can create these ads without errors;
  • the layout when entering large amounts in the “Total Amount” field when creating an ad in P2P.


  • Updated the Live Roadmap to keep the user up to date with the latest changes;
  • Created a popup window for 2FA reminders to make the user aware of the importance of this feature for account security;
  • Tested API optimization tasks to increase speed of Registration flow;
  • Tested and released edits to pass the full KYC flow.

HR Talent Platform

  • Added information with the tracking settings that the client enters in the old endpoints on the contracts.


  • Tested the Voting module in production.


  • Improved the Cancel button in the ad so that it is displayed correctly;
  • Developed multiselect in the selection of payment methods so that the user could select several methods when searching for an ad;
  • Made it possible to set a different commission for each crypto-fiat pair.



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