PointPay (PXP) won the listing on Bitrue

The following trading pair will be available:

What this means for the PointPay community

What is PXP?

  • allows you to reduce trading fees on the PointPay exchange
  • lowers interest rates on loans
  • raises interest rates on deposits
  • used for staking on PointPay
  • enable users to access premium education tutorials.

What is Bitrue?

Some of the key benefits of trading through Bitrue:

User-friendly interface

Secure platform

  • Cold wallets with multiple signatures to store 99% of digital assets
  • 2FA authentication and multi-signature access
  • Whitelisting for withdrawal addresses

Fast exchange with close to 0 fees

The broad range of trading instruments

Bitrue Ecosystem

  • Power Piggy is an advanced feature that allows users to earn passive income from cryptocurrencies.
  • Another critical feature that Bitrue offers is the lending service. P2P lending allows traders to preserve their wealth and gain more market positions.
  • BTR Lock-up offers high investment opportunities for BTR holders of native tokens. Staking means locking up cryptocurrencies for a certain period. The longer you stake and the more coins you lock, the higher your reward. The network supports a selection of pools, including BTC, VET, USDC, MDX, RSR, and many more.



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