PointPay Thursday Update

Withdrawals + Payment System

  • Identified deposits on the old gateway after May 27. It will allow to transfer erroneous deposits to correct accounts in Unified Balances.


  • Changed accrual percentages on PXP Staking and added a new level from 5,000,000;
  • Implemented showing usage scenarios for Crypto Loans on the checkout page;
  • Updated processing of Stacking calculations on the client, which will simplify the work in the future.


  • Added functionality for automatically pulling exchange discounts into the terminal, which will allow for more flexible development of loyalty mechanisms;
  • Updated the logic of the Exchange core based on the results of the test, which will make it possible to build a system for monitoring functionality.

Mobile Apps


  • Replaced the word Launchboard with Launchpad in those tasks that have already been implemented under this flow;
  • Added an animation to the purchase button in the Launchpad flow, so that the user sees an animation of a successful purchase or an animation of an unsuccessful purchase at the end of the flow.


  • skeleton screen loading in Accounts Flow so that users would see the screen loading until information came from the backend;
  • Live and Upcoming sections in Launchpad flow under PXP Voting, where users can see live projects currently listing or appearing there soon.


  • Tested the entire History Widget on the Dashboard Flow so that it works correctly;
  • Implemented a Referral Link section so users can see their QR code, referral code, and referral link.


  • Eliminated a non-existent command that was being called in connection with importing a transaction and interfering with the development process;
  • Improved the Live Roadmap display on the site by adding hidden reports for the past two weeks.



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