PointPay Thursday Update



  • decomposition of work on seamless integration of payment provider Mercuryo;
  • refactoring of transfer and withdrawal fee calculations to improve performance.


  • Completed development of a new version of Matcher and tested it on the development environment. The release will increase performance;
  • Reduced memory consumption by Order Books, which also increases the speed of the Exchange;
  • Released a new version of the CoinMarketCap API, which is more resource efficient.

Mobile Apps


  • Cleared the application resources from irrelevant icons to speed up the app.


  • a screen with Voting transaction details so the user can see their transaction in Voting;
  • a generic modal window for the Lunchboard to use it in different features.


  • Implemented a Voting records page with information about the user’s votes.


  • Added a popup window with an offer to buy cryptocurrencies to the Main page of CryptoBank, instead of a popup window about accounts, to improve user flow logically;
  • Worked and improved the backend to save notifications so that the user has the correct display;
  • Updated the display of KYC levels in settings by removing mothballed products.


  • synchronization of KYC levels from SumSub and us, so that the levels are correctly updated in our system and subsequently for users;
  • the display of the Notifications section in the dark theme so that the text doesn’t blend in with the background;


  • a new error message on Authentication with an invalid password, reminding users who didn’t find their Global Password Reset email to be notified of the possible reason their password didn’t match;
  • environments on the backend to move to native SumSub when going through KYC, which will help avoid many difficulties when sending documents, photos, etc.



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