PointPay Tuesday Update


  • Released White Label, which allows us to flag audited users for further automated processing.


  • Implemented functionality to send funds to Savings accounts as part of the implementation of Savings as a microservice;
  • Changed the order of withdrawing currencies in different parts of CryptoBank, so that they are displayed in decreasing order of their fiat equivalent;
  • Completed putting CryptoLoans into a separate service for Savings;


  • opcode transfers in Transaction History to make them more correct;
  • the KYC limit notification processing by adding KYB processing.


  • Completed development of a visual update on the Order Book. Now the settings will be available immediately at the top for faster access.

iOS Mobile app

  • Implemented flow for buying tokens on Launchpad so that the user can purchase project tokens through the app;
  • Improved the display of the pairs list on the Exchange so that they are kept the same and displayed correctly.


  • Removed information about frozen products from the FAQ so that users see only currently relevant information;
  • Updated the Home page by removing the How to use PP Gift Card from the tutorial videos tab;
  • Conducted the first backend review to implement Account Levels, including updating SQS with PXP service events in Authorization and user results.



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