PointPay Tuesday Update

Dear PointPay family,

Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Changed the “Disable account” button text to “Delete Account”;
  • Submitted build 7.7.2 again for review;
  • Improved KYC screen display in profile.

For Android mobile application

  • Changed the “Disable account” button text to “Delete Account”;
  • Implemented a purchase screen (amount input + info) so that users can specify the required amount for the purchase.

Interface Development

  • Added metrics, namely a counter by the number of clicks on the Get Started button;
  • Improved the process of account deactivation by increasing the time to view the notification;
  • Applied a single writing standard both visually and contextually to the footer for all products.

CryptoBank Development

  • Added an icon and a gradient for the new BUSD cryptocurrency;
  • Updated translations of transaction types in transaction history. We standardized the names and made them simpler and more understandable;
  • Improved sending funds to the user and paying debt on a cryptoloan upon liquidation;
  • Redesigned the “Your Staked Amount” block;
  • Redesigned the Transfer page and completed a window for transferring funds within the Accounts summary page. This will simplify the user path and the process of transferring funds between the Savings and Regular accounts;
  • Optimized the receipt of information about crypto loans for mobile devices.

Exchange Development

  • Improved filtering in the transaction history on the Exchange.

P2P Development

  • Set up the display of payment methods in the list of ads;
  • Changed the display of the user’s nickname in payment methods;
  • Implemented the display of only one advertisement by “type” for a currency pair.


  • the ability to create events and messages in the chat;
  • the new payment method “Bank Transfer”.

HR Talent Platform Development


  • a list and a contact card for the moderation interface;
  • an API for the list of contracts with the “moderation” status.



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