PointPay Tuesday Update

Dear PointPay family,

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation: however, we are constantly working to improve our platform. We have added a new payment method — Bank Transfer — to the P2P platform. We have also redesigned the Transfer page and completed a window for transferring funds within the Accounts summary page. These changes will simplify the user path and transfer funds between Savings and Regular accounts. Read our Tuesday Update for more details.

Mobile App Development

  • Changed the “Disable account” button text to “Delete Account”;
  • Submitted build 7.7.2 again for review;
  • Improved KYC screen display in profile.
  • Changed the “Disable account” button text to “Delete Account”;
  • Implemented a purchase screen (amount input + info) so that users can specify the required amount for the purchase.

Interface Development

  • Added metrics, namely a counter by the number of clicks on the Get Started button;
  • Improved the process of account deactivation by increasing the time to view the notification;
  • Applied a single writing standard both visually and contextually to the footer for all products.

CryptoBank Development

  • Added an icon and a gradient for the new BUSD cryptocurrency;
  • Updated translations of transaction types in transaction history. We standardized the names and made them simpler and more understandable;
  • Improved sending funds to the user and paying debt on a cryptoloan upon liquidation;
  • Redesigned the “Your Staked Amount” block;
  • Redesigned the Transfer page and completed a window for transferring funds within the Accounts summary page. This will simplify the user path and the process of transferring funds between the Savings and Regular accounts;
  • Optimized the receipt of information about crypto loans for mobile devices.

Exchange Development

  • Improved filtering in the transaction history on the Exchange.

P2P Development

  • Set up the display of payment methods in the list of ads;
  • Changed the display of the user’s nickname in payment methods;
  • Implemented the display of only one advertisement by “type” for a currency pair.
  • the ability to create events and messages in the chat;
  • the new payment method “Bank Transfer”.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • a list and a contact card for the moderation interface;
  • an API for the list of contracts with the “moderation” status.

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🏦 Remember, we are PointPay, and we are beyond banking!



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