PointPay Tuesday Update

Dear PointPay family,

Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Added header and loader to Chat in P2P.


  • the functionality of the new XCode;
  • displaying of errors from the backend in the My Ads flow in P2P;
  • “Estimated Fee” display in My Ads creation flow in P2P so that users who haven’t entered anything in the “Amount” field will see 0.1% commission, and if they already entered something in the “Amount” field, then take 0.1% of the amount in cryptocurrency;


  • the ad status logic in P2P and added an “eye” to let the user understand by toggle (online/offline) and open/closed “eye” whether the ad is now online or not and whether it is currently displayed to other users or not;
  • Display payment methods and adding/removing payment methods functionality in My Ads in P2P to show all details about payment methods.

For Android mobile application

  • Completed testing Sell Crypto flow in P2P so that users can use Sell Crypto flow without errors;
  • Implemented a buy flow from the author of ads in P2P, so that the authors of ads had their own flow if someone responds to their ad.


  • the display of cryptocurrencies list in Buy Crypto flow in P2P, so that when entering Buy Crypto flow, all currencies will be displayed correctly;


  • the transition from the Contracts tab to the contracts themselves in P2P, where you can see all the detailed information about the contract for users;
  • commission display on the detailed information screen of contracts in P2P, so that ad creators can see what percentage in cryptocurrency they spent on commission.

Interface Development

  • Actualized the Roadmap by updating content by quarter so that users have up-to-date information about our accomplishments and plans;
  • Improved the endpoints for the Registration and Authorization emails to speed up their generation;
  • Continued and refined the Registration process API to further optimize the speed of this operation.

CryptoBank Development

  • Completed an audit on Stacking transactions to find discrepancies and fix them.


  • the calculation of the Stacking parameters;
  • partial and full repayment of Crypto Loan;
  • the operation of the transaction history.

Exchange Development

  • Improved the architecture of the Exchange by making a new charts service, which will allow for more efficient changes in functionality;
  • Analyzed the errors outstanding on the Exchange; in the next release, all errors will become clearer to users.

Launchboard Development

  • Improved the display of the timer in the project on the Voting so that the timer with a small time limit is displayed correctly.

P2P Development

  • Improved the Cancel button in the Nickname section so that it works correctly;
  • Made a common component with insufficient KYC and added it to P2P/Launchboard projects to create a common component for all product teams.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Implemented an endpoint to start work on an hourly contract.



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