PointPay Wednesday Update

Dear PointPay family,



  • redesign of Gift Cards and CryptoBank;
  • a vulnerability audit as part of a regular security audit.


  • Made liquidity grouping in the order book;
  • Developed a limit mechanism for the API.

Mobile App

For iOS mobile app

  • Displayed the name and icon of the selected payment method on the cards.


  • sending photos in HEIC resolution in Chats flow in P2P;
  • the functionality of the My Ads tab in P2P;
  • loading of balances on Buy flow in P2P;
  • display and functionality of the With Fiat/With Crypto switch in the Sell flow in P2P;
  • display of number in Amount field after pressing Max button in P2P;
  • the UI on the details screen of their ad in P2P.


  • feedback buttons (positive, negative) and the ability to leave comments on the Contract Completed screen in P2P;
  • a display of the final screen with a green checkmark when entering a contract from the Contracts tab in P2P;
  • a final screen at the end of the flow by the author of the ad in P2P.

For Android mobile application

  • Implemented a switch to Chats from each card in the Contracts tab in P2P;
  • Made the commission dynamic on the author’s side of the ad in P2P;
  • Displayed name and icon of selected payment method on cards where all dynamic data about payment method in P2P is displayed;
  • Added closed eye display of details of their ad in P2P.


  • the display of the Select Payment Method screen in the Buy flow in P2P;
  • functionality of Cancel Contract flow in P2P;
  • the functionality of the Open Dispute button on Confirm Payment is Received in P2P.


  • Implemented KYC improvements based on feedback from users.


  • translation of the “Reason for KYC failure” message in the personal account;
  • analytics collection in Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics by button click for the Home page.

HR Talent Platform

  • Changed the logic of connections. Now when you click the Connect button, you will go to messenger with the person, and there is a separate button for an invitation to a contract;
  • Updated the Client and Talent entities by adding their First name and Last name;
  • Implemented an endpoint that will attach a screenshot to the active milestone in the hourly contract.


  • Updated the PXP staking window in Voting. The user will now be able to enter both the PXP he wants to stack and the number of votes he wants to get.


  • Added icons to payment method attributes (Bank name, phone number, etc.)



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