PointPay Wednesday Update


  • Launched an internal Rates service to collect historical USD equivalent values for all active cryptocurrencies.


  • the KYB Limits refinement. This will allow launching operations for B2B users;
  • improvements on local translations in Scoring. We’re making final fixes and testing. This will allow us to verify local translation requests between users through the Scoring and manual auditing system.


  • Removed extra zeros in fractional parts in all services to simplify perception and improve visuals;
  • Added collection of legally required first and last names in Circle payment system integration if the user has not already passed KYC;
  • Implemented a Savings account skeleton to highlight it in the microservice further.


  • Completed the development of a new version of the Matcher and started debugging it, which will increase the performance and fault tolerance of the service.


  • hint text for orders, now the description of all orders will be visible in the terminal;
  • information about the PIT/USDT trading pair in the CMC on our Exchange.

Mobile Apps


  • Improved the XRP refill screen to display the XRP tag there;
  • Implemented success/fail flow for buying tokens on the Launchpad so that the users can see if they successfully bought tokens or if there is a problem.
  • Implemented a screen for PXP stacking for Voting on the Launchpad;
  • Performed a code cleanup to speed up the app.


  • Implemented Live and Upcoming filters for the Launchboard projects window;
  • Implemented success/fail flow for buying tokens on the Launchboard.


  • Prepared to release the task of passing information about the amount of PXP held to implement the User Levels on the site;
  • Investigated why translations on the Front-End page were lagging and began preparing a permanent fix.



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