PointPay Weekly Update (05–09 February)

3 min readFeb 9, 2024

Dear PointPay family,

As the week approaches its conclusion, it’s the perfect time for our traditional Weekly Update! We’ve compiled all the significant and interesting events from this week, including highlights from PointPay and the crypto sphere, conveniently in one place. In just a few minutes, you’ll be in the loop on everything and won’t miss a thing!

PointPay News

This week at PointPay kicked off with an expansion of trading pairs on our exchange. Starting this week, users can trade the AVAX/USDC pair, bringing the total to 157, and we’re committed to expanding our range further.

Users of our app with notifications enabled will be the first to hear about new pair listings. It’s a simple and highly effective way to stay informed about important events at PointPay. If you haven’t downloaded our app or have notifications turned off, we recommend downloading it and enabling notifications.

This week’s spotlight is on the upcoming weekend events. On February 10th, PointPay launches not one but two incredible themed Trading Competitions! The total prize pool is $50,000, with $25,000 for each competition. You can trade any pair with USDT!

The first themed competition is tied to the Lunar New Year, celebrated in China based on the lunar calendar. Festivities begin on February 10th and last for several weeks, coinciding with the active Lunar New Year Trading Competition. The competition features a $25,000 prize pool distributed among the top 5 participants.

The second competition is the Super Bowl Trading Competition, timed with the championship match on February 11th. Running from February 10th to 12th, this unique competition allows you to dive into trading and American football, offering not only emotional excitement but also substantial rewards from the $25,000 prize pool. With 5 prize positions available, there’s plenty to strive for!

It’s worth noting that you can participate in both competitions simultaneously, earning trading volume in each. This opportunity has never been available on PointPay before, so don’t miss your chance to join the competitions on February 10th!

The list of news for this week concludes with the release of an interesting article about the Super Bowl Indicator. The major American football event attracts traders and analysts for a reason — there’s a certain connection between it and the stock market. Learn more about it in the article available on our blog!

Crypto Sphere News

Bitcoin holders witnessed another surge in the cryptocurrency’s value this week. Starting Monday at $42,300, BTC fluctuated over three days, reaching $43,000 and slightly dipping. However, on Thursday, Bitcoin decisively moved upward, swiftly reaching $44,700. And $47,300 at Friday! Currently, Bitcoin is close to levels before the ETF launch, indicating its ability to withstand significant outflows from GBTC and aiming for new heights.

Other news contributes to Bitcoin’s growth. For instance, MicroStrategy conducted another BTC purchase round, amounting to $37 million. With this, the company now owns an impressive 190,000 BTC.

Stay tuned for next week’s updates and keep an eye on whether Bitcoin can reach new highs!

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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