PointPay weekly update (19–23 September 2022)

Dear PointPay family,

Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Released new version 7.7.1 which includes new KYC conditions and KYC level insufficiency display;
  • Changed the ad status logic in P2P and added an “eye” for user toggle (online/offline) and an open/closed “eye” to see if the ad is online or not;
  • Added filters Crypto, Type, and Status to My Ads in P2P.


  • the functionality of the Authentication flow when 2FA by email is enabled;
  • functionality of Send By Email flow when 2FA is enabled;
  • display of payment methods in Select Payment Method, My Ads flow (when creating ads) and Profile flow in P2P.

For Android mobile application

  • Fixed displaying payment methods in Select Payment Method, in the My Ads flow (when creating ads) and in the Profile flow in P2P;
  • Added display of commission on contract details screen in P2P.


  • the ability to display field errors when validating an ad in the My Ads flow in P2P;
  • buy flow from ad creator in P2P;
  • selling flow by ad creator in P2P.

Interface Development

  • Improved the flow for users when going through KYC;
  • Updated the Roadmap with updated content by quarter;
  • Implemented a popup window to remind you to pass 2FA.


  • API optimization tasks to increase the speed of passing Flow Registration;
  • and released edits to pass the full KYC flow;
  • and did a release of the Referral Program.


  • three popup windows for the release that will remind users to Register, Purchase Cryptocurrency, and 2FA;
  • the referral program links and switch to the new system of referral program.

Withdrawals + Payment System

  • Developed integration with the Circle/Plaid payment system. To be released soon. This will allow our clients to buy cryptocurrency using their ACH accounts;
  • Prepared Customer Journeys map and design for the launch of the new payment system.


  • the KYC service;
  • Scoring service to check requests for withdrawal and sale of cryptocurrency, in terms of stability and additional information;
  • Go Gateway in terms of monitoring and tracking cash flow.

CryptoBank Development

  • Completed a unified format for error handling.


  • search by currency to Accounts summary;
  • static code analysis validation to the build process;
  • the commission currency parameter to the currency query;
  • Implemented
  • a query for Gift Card limits;
  • a query that will allow you to display currencies from recent transactions in Accounts summary.

Exchange Development

  • Improved the local development environment;
  • Analyzed errors that occurred on the Exchange;
  • Prepared a modal window for the release of the updated version of the Transaction History on the Exchange with the necessary information about the transaction;
  • Completed authorization for the API for traders, this is the first task within the trading API, which will be the basis for all functionality;
  • Finished updating the Candle service.

Launchboard Development

  • Improved the display of the timer in the project on the Voting, so that the timer with a small timer is displayed correctly;
  • Updated the Apply for Listing and Apply for Launchboard windows to the new design version;
  • Added the minimum and maximum PXP values to the Voting for each project separately. Each project will now have its own minimum and maximum values for Voting.


  • the Voting module in the production environment;
  • all of the functionality in the production environment.

P2P Development

  • Implemented Crypto to Fiat and Fiat to Crypto calculation on the backend;
  • Added settings from the admin panel for Quick P2P availability.


  • multiselect in the choice of payment methods;
  • it possible to expose each crypto-fiat pair to its own commission;
  • a common component with insufficient KYC level and added it to P2P/Launchboard projects;
  • processing of insufficient KYC level;
  • API for getting ads on Quick P2P.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Added information with tracking settings, which are set by the client, to the old contract endpoints;
  • Tested all the basic functions and movement of funds in the production environment.


  • an endpoint to start working on an hourly contract;
  • support for system messages in the messenger;
  • an endpoint to disable auto-tracking when Talent is not active.



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