PointPay Weekly Update (6–10 May)

3 min readMay 10, 2024

Dear PointPay Family,

End of the week is approaching, which means it’s time to wrap up and review the highlights! In our latest update, you’ll easily find all the most interesting and relevant news of the week!

PointPay News

This week brought several exciting events! Let’s start with discussing the new “PointPay Family Grow” contest. With the recent significant increase in our user base, we aim to support this trend. Until May 15th, we’re running a contest where you can invite your friends to subscribe to a PointPay X account, have them complete one of the special actions, and, at the end of the contest, become one of the 2 winners. Each winner will receive $100 in PXP! We’ve detailed this in a separate article for more information!

Next up, it’s time to mention the new listings! On Thursday, a new meme currency, Solalacoin, appeared on the platform! This project on the Solana blockchain presents itself as a meme, using a Koala as its mascot! Despite its meme status, SOLALA has significant ambitions among meme currencies, with an active community supporting the project. Now you can also be a part of it by trading SOLALA on PointPay!

Earlier in the week, we congratulated our partners MEXC on their excellent achievement: reaching the top 5 position among all exchanges on CoinGecko! This is a great result, and we’re pleased that our token PXP is listed on this Tier-1 exchange.

Wrapping up our news is our April Listing Digest article. This format is increasingly becoming a tradition — summarizing the listings of new assets and trading pairs at the end of the month. In this material, you’ll easily learn about all the new additions that appeared on the PointPay platform in April 2024! Read, study, and trade!

Cryptosphere News

The past 7 days have been quite tumultuous for Bitcoin. Initially, the asset saw significant growth, hinting at a new trend of strong and prolonged growth. However, by Friday, under market pressure, the asset’s price once again dropped to levels around 60–61 thousand dollars.

Despite the current position of BTC, its long-term forecasts are much more positive. Currently, the main drivers of price action are concerns surrounding ETFs, regulation, and other cryptocurrency-related factors. Nonetheless, Halving is making its adjustments, gradually pushing the asset’s price upwards towards new records.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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