PointPay Weekly Update (8 -12 April)

3 min readApr 13, 2024

Another week is drawing to a close, which means it’s time to sum it up! In our Weekly Update, we’ve gathered all the latest news, events, and changes. Stay in the know!

PointPay News

The week has been incredibly eventful. Let’s start with the articles released on our blog over the weekend! Two fresh pieces were published on Saturday and Sunday. The first one covers 10 new listings on the PointPay exchange, along with 2 new assets. The second one provides a recap of the March listings. We’ve compiled every asset into a single article and discussed a dozen new tokens, as well as numerous staking options! Visit our blog to read more about it.

Starting from Monday, PointPay announced a reduction in the minimum deposit for old PXP tokens. Previously, you couldn’t transfer an amount less than 1700 PXP to the platform. Now, you need at least 800 PXP to make a deposit! This change will allow even our smaller investors to successfully undergo the Token Swap procedure and become owners of the new PXP token! If you haven’t undergone Token Swap yet and your PXP tokens are stored somewhere in an external wallet, it’s time to make a deposit!

Moving on: it’s time to talk about the competitions! This week, three new different competitions have started simultaneously. First, the USDC Trading Competition. In this competition, you need to trade pairs with USDC. There are 10 prize-winning spots and a prize pool of $100,000! Second, the BTC Trading Competition. Here, you’ll trade pairs with BTC, and rewards will also be in BTC! The prize pool is 1 BTC, and there are 10 prize-winning spots. These competitions can be easily found on the corresponding tab on the website. Join in and win!

And finally, the third one, the Meme Competition! PointPay users had the chance to compete in the art of creating memes. We received numerous funny and great works. But there can only be three winners. Here are the works that we recognized as the best and will soon reward the authors with PXP!

Authors, check your private messages! We will write to you very soon to find out your PointPay User ID and award the prize!

Wrapping up the weekly news is the release of a new video on our YouTube channel. Introducing a new format for us — CEO Podcast! In these videos, the CEO will engage in various topics with invited guests or PointPay members. Learn something new or simply have a great time. Watch the podcast now!

Crypto World News

The week for the crypto world has been quite calm. Bitcoin fluctuated, rising and falling in price, while remaining within a certain price range. As a result, other cryptocurrencies also remained fairly stable, and significant price changes were not related to overall market sentiment.

However, everything may change soon. The approximate timer until the next Bitcoin halving indicates that it will occur sometime at the end of next week. Are you ready for what awaits us?

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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