PXP withdrawals available from PointPay

Dear PointPay Community,

💡 As a part for listing preparation process, the PXP tokens are available for withdrawals from PointPay from this very moment.

💎 The fee for the first 5000 withdrawal requests of PXP tokens from PointPay by users is 10 PXP for each withdrawal.

🏷️ The fee for the next withdrawal requests will be charged in Ethereum (ETH) as PXP is an Ethereum-based token. The fee will be determined based on the current fees in Ethereum blockchain. If you do not have Ethereum (ETH), you can top up it to your PointPay account from any external wallet or exchange or buy ETH using PointPay Payment System.

✔️ While sending PXP to an external wallet (for example, MetaMask or MyEtherWallet), please do not forget to add the PXP token in the tokens’ list using the following data:

  • Contract: 0x95aa5d2dbd3c16ee3fdea82d5c6ec3e38ce3314f
  • Ticker: PXP
  • Decimals: 18

💰 Earn up to 30% yearly with PXP tokens with Savings Account in PointPay Crypto Bank.

💡Check PointPay Live-Roadmap (PointPay development in real time): https://pointpay.io/live-roadmap/ (July 12 — July 16, 2021)

📅 Check PointPay Roadmap: https://pointpay.io/#roadmap

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