Thursday update from PointPay

Mobile App Development 🍎🤖

For iOS mobile application

  • Added dark mode;
  • Implemented the history of orders;
  • Improved the Cash Out flow performance;
  • Improved the Receive At Address flow performance;
  • Improved staking amount display.

For the Android mobile application

  • Implemented Notification Center;
  • Improved the flow of sending push-notifications when sending invoices;
  • Improved currency display when selecting AUD currency;
  • Got back the PNL display;
  • Improved app performance after deleting or adding a new fingerprint;
  • Improved display of the maximum cryptocurrency for withdrawal in the Cash Out flow.

Withdrawals Development ⬇️

  • Completed the development of Quick Exchange for the Unified Balances service;
  • Completed the description of the Unified Balances methods;
  • Completed refactoring/Improved Unified Balance methods;
  • Prepared a description of the handler list in the Unified Balances service.

CryptoBank Development 🏦

  • Edited texts for Unified balances;
  • Improved commission calculation for withdrawals;
  • Improved pagination in transaction history.

Payment System Development 💳

  • Completed design for integration with EHOT;
  • Completed the PCI DSS questionnaire.

Frontend Development 💻

  • Set up the FAQ section in the Google Chrome browser;
  • Improved the interactivity of Quick Exchange on the main page.

Launchboard Development 📚

  • Implemented a user migration command for notifications.

Escrow Platform Development 🌐

  • Implemented the fees page in the admin panel where users can set the commission amount.

Talent Platform Development 👥

  • Implemented a feature to pay for a regular contract (when the employer does not take any action after the payment deadline).



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