Thursday update from PointPay

3 min readJun 16, 2022


Dear PointPay Family,

Your PointPay team is working hard to bring you the best crypto experience. Today, we have added 21 new currencies to our PointPay Crypto Bank and Wallet, as well as released HR Talent Alpha, which includes several important new features. You can read about all this and our other developments in our Thursday Update below.

Mobile App Development 🍏

For iOS mobile application

  • Added new currencies;
  • Removed the NFTsky icon and the functionality itself;
  • Implemented OrderBookAndTrades in the Exchange flow.

For Android mobile application

  • Set a disclaimer when choosing a logout;
  • Improved display of PNL statistics;
  • Added new currencies.


  • viewing information on crypto loans;
  • the transition to obtaining a crypto loan.

Interface Development 💻


  • checkboxes to the new registration form design;
  • a password hint to the new registration form design.

Crypto Bank Development 🏦

  • Increased the number of supported currencies to 21;
  • Updated information about creating a cryptoloan in the letter;
  • Optimized the loading speed of CryptoBank pages.


  • project icon to the transaction;
  • information about cryptoloans operations (according to the UTC zone).

Crypto Wallet Development

  • Increased the number of supported currencies to 21.

Payment System Development 💳

  • Completed logging functionality for the new Card Storage Service;
  • Implemented the ability to download secrets from AWS for Card Storage Service.


  • the functionality of Buy Crypto flow;
  • transactional matching.

Withdrawals Development ⬇️

  • Added new currencies to the Unified Balances (MATIC, NEAR, SOL, SUSHI, ATOM);
  • Improved generation of system addresses and accounts.

Launchboard Development 📈


  • new Voting logic
  • 3 additional statistical fields on the backend (Stage/Stage time, Total days, Amount PXP, Future reward); will be displayed in the Voting records.

P2P Development 🔁

  • Added an API to return a list of crypto and fiat currencies;
  • Implemented the layout for Creating an ad (step 6).

Escrow Platform Development

  • Improved the layout of the milestone title bar and resumed the ability to publish a contract
  • Implemented rounding of the indicator responsible for the percentage of contract completion.

Talent Platform Development

  • Implemented obtaining and saving information about the employer for the employee
  • Added the ability for an unlogged user to watch HR Talent (on the backend, it should be released in the next 2 days).

Released HR Talent Alpha, which included

  • the division of space into an employee and an employer,
  • new logic with employee invite;
  • a BIO of an employee;
  • new marketplaces with vacancies and employee cards.

Please note that the PointPay ecosystem has undergone some major changes — we have transitioned to the Unified Balance System. This means that all account addresses in the PointPay system have changed, and all old addresses are now invalid.

To ensure the security of your funds, please do not use old addresses when depositing your funds. We are not responsible for any loss incurred due to the usage of old wallet addresses. Thank you!

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