Transcript of AMA with New CEO of PointPay

  • In terms of management, moving from 10 people to 100 people is difficult.
  • In terms of development, the platform was written for a small number of people. Therefore, transformation to an exchange written for millions of users is quite difficult.
  • At the moment, we have a money transmitter license in Wyoming. We’ve also applied for the money transmitter license and the BitLicense in New York.
  • We have a legal opinion from a top New York lawyer, stating that our token is not a security but a utility token. Furthermore, we are currently waiting for a surety bond, a credit report, and an FBI report.
  • We’ve also had preliminary approval from a Kazakhstan financial authority to receive a financial fintech license there.
  • We’ve applied for a VASP license — a virtual asset service provider license in the Cayman Islands.
  • We’re at an advanced stage with a BitLicense in Croatia, in Gibraltar. Furthermore, we’re currently working on a banking license in Dominica.
  1. We have a register of suspicious IPs.
  2. We have a list of politically exposed and money laundering people.
  1. We’ve been making the disaster recovery for our services.
  2. We keep the funds of our users entirely secure. We have an external team of specialists who come every single week and test our platform for vulnerabilities.
  3. We have a security person from the top bank in Eastern Europe who is doing our security there.
  4. We’ve introduced many security features from KYC, and we have an AML officer.
  1. At the moment, our token enables people to cut the taker/maker fees on our platform.
  2. Customers can reduce their transfer fees, and the transfer fees within the PointPay ecosystem are free.
  3. Furthermore, you get better rates on crypto loans at the moment as well.
  4. You also get access to the premium tutorials, but we’re going to expand that soon.



Cryptocurrency Ecosystem: Crypto Bank, Exchange, Wallet, Payment System. Buy Bitcoin → Earn up to 30% yearly with PXP.

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