Wednesday Update from PointPay

Mobile App Development 🤖🍏

For iOS mobile applications

  • Created a stub on the History Transaction page for cryptocurrencies where the balance is zero;
  • Improved the display of the available amount of money on the withdrawal screen.
  • Changed the background of the welcome screen (Two Phones Logo);
  • Changed welcome screen background to match light or dark theme;
  • Improved refcode check;
  • Improved text string on all login screens;
  • Removed buttons (Open email and open Google Authenticator);
  • Improved code pasting on 2FA screen.

For Android mobile applications

  • Added a Sentry error handler
  • Improved the display order of wallets according to the design;
  • Added subscription to the newsletter / unsubscribe option (subscribe to PointPay newsletter);
  • Implemented Customer Support on Dashboard.

Exchange Development 💱

  • Released the backend of the OHLCV service that is responsible for the correct operation of candles;
  • Being prepared for integration with the frontend;
  • Included commissions for transactions in Production.

Payment System Development 💳

  • Improved integration with MoonPay; the partner page is opened in iFrame.

Withdrawals Development

  • Reviewed 3 out of 20 accounting methods: Obtaining information by currency method, Obtaining information by type of currency method, Changing the transaction status method;
  • Cleared the outgoing transactions’ backlogs and removed suspicious transactions.



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