Weekly update from PointPay (13 June–17 June, 2022)

Mobile App Development 🤖🍏

For iOS mobile applications

  • Changed Cash Out to Sell Crypto;
  • Updated app banners in the App Store;
  • Implemented the opening of the crypto loans’ page through a webview;
  • Improved performance when entering an incorrect password in the Disable Account flow;
  • Implemented opening NFTsky through a web browser;
  • Improved the performance of Face ID;
  • Changed the functionality of ordering PointPay Crypto Debit Card;
  • Improved the performance of the history of orders in the flow of the Exchange;
  • Implemented open orders in the Exchange flow;
  • Implemented buy orders;
  • Added new assets: Sushi, Solana, Polygon, Near, and Cosmos;
  • Removed NFTsky icon and functionality;
  • Implemented OrderBookAndTrades in the Exchange flow;
  • Improved display of Buy & Sell buttons in the Exchange flow.

For Android mobile applications

  • Improved display of all design elements on older versions of Android;
  • Updated app banners in the Play Store;
  • Implemented the opening of the crypto loans’ page through a webview;
  • Implemented initial staking flow;
  • Updated the transaction history screen after switching to Unified Balances;
  • Updated KYC conditions;
  • Added information on clicking the i icon in the staking flow;
  • Implemented the UI in the flow for processing a crypto loan;
  • Disabled GraphQL and switched to Rest;
  • Updated interval values;
  • Added information on clicking the i icon in the staking flow;
  • Implemented UI in the loan processing flow;
  • Disabled GraphQL and switched to Rest;
  • Changed the functionality of ordering PointPay Crypto Debit Card;
  • Implemented staking in the native design along with history;
  • Improved display of P&L statistics on the dashboard;
  • Added new assets: Sushi, Solana, Polygon, Near, and Cosmos.

Crypto Bank Development 🏦

  • Changed interest rates;
  • Made it unavailable to create transactions with 0;
  • Added an analog in USD in the CryptoLoan Summary;
  • Prepared API documentation on crypto loans;
  • Wrote documentation on the business logic of crypto loans;
  • Processed the accuracy of the entered amounts;
  • Moved bank frontend to npm@8 and node@18;
  • Optimized the display of invoices in the Gift Card;
  • Removed redirect from staking to settings with insufficient KYC;
  • Updated the color scheme in the history of transactions;
  • Added project icon in transaction history;
  • Added information about UTC work to crypto loans;
  • Updated information about creating a crypto loan;
  • Improved the performance of inputs with a large number of decimal places;
  • Updated the agreement on crypto loans;
  • Improved the performance of creating staking on the frontend;
  • Updated commissions in transaction history;
  • Added support for currencies with tags;
  • Created histograms for crypto loans in Grafana;
  • Made a list of crypto loans in Grafana;
  • Optimized mathematical operations for crypto loan repayments;
  • Increased the number of supported currencies to 21;
  • Optimized the speed of processing requests in CryptoBank.

Withdrawals Development ⬇️

  • Added new currencies to Unified Balances, Wallet, Exchange, and CryptoBank: UNI (ERC20), ATOM (BEP20 BSC), SUSHI (ERC20), SOL (ERC20), NEAR (BEP20 BSC), MATIC (ERC20), THETA (ERC20), and UNI (ERC20);
  • Improved withdrawals, activated manual approval;
  • Improved deposits for certain currencies;
  • Launched receive/send due to the transition to the Unified Balance.

Exchange Development 💱

  • Updated the search for currency pairs on the Advanced Exchange;
  • Added an exception for CoinGecko trade blotter;
  • Added price preferences for the /v1/trading/markets/trend methods;
  • Added pagination flow;
  • Optimized trade blotter sorting;
  • Optimized order execution speed.


  • performance of executing orders of all types (market, limit, stop-limit);
  • display of candles on the chart;
  • ignoring incorrect status change;
  • performance of the OHLCV service and Orderbook;
  • interest calculation when placing an order.

Wallet Development 👛

  • Increased the number of supported currencies to 21.

Payment System Development 💳

  • Improved Buy Crypto functionality;
  • Completed the integration of pages when connecting to the ENOT payment provider;
  • Improved the functionality of the Payment System when switching to a Unified Balance;
  • Completed work on Sell Crypto.

Interface Development 💻

  • Changed the background of the cookies popup in the dark mode to match the general background;
  • Created the layout of a new registration process on the website;
  • Updated information in the FAQ section due to the transition to Unified balances;
  • Tested pressing buttons to download the application in the mobile version on different devices;
  • Сhecked the cookie settings’ impact on the frequency of notifications of the transitions to the Unified Balance and made improvements;
  • Simplified registration, added slide animation, and improved design;
  • Set up code linting for the main page;
  • Improved the performance of the main page after clicking on Login;
  • Added checkboxes to the new registration form design;
  • Added a password hint to the new registration form design;
  • Improved code verification when registering on the website;
  • Released a new Bug Report feature to make it easier for the user to contact support in case of bugs.

Launchboard Development 📈

  • Implemented the choice of “labels” for the project through checkboxes;
  • Implemented a color change for steps in the project’s Timeline;
  • 90% implemented new logic for Voting projects;
  • Implemented new Voting logic;
  • Implemented 3 additional statistical fields on the backend (Stage/Stage time, Total days, Amount PXP, Future reward).

P2P Development

  • Implemented the “create ad” window (steps 4, 5, 6, 7);
  • Created a backend table and model for payment method attributes;
  • Added APIs to get a list of user contracts and one user contract, to change the status (online/offline) of a published ad, and to return a list of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies;
  • Integrated Unified balances;
  • Implemented UIKIT-3 range select component.

Escrow Platform Development 📊

  • Carried out the decomposition of tasks to select the Escrow core;
  • Improved performance of the list of contracts;
  • Improved display of contract completion percentage;
  • Optimized possible contract statuses in the admin panel;
  • Updated Escrow technology stack;
  • Improved the layout of the milestone name line and resumed the ability to publish the contract;
  • Implemented the indicator rounding contract responsible for a contract completion percentage.

HR Platform Development 👥

  • Implemented the ability for an unlogged user to view the HR page;
  • Implemented a modal window requiring to log in to the account when trying to create a contract or contact an employee;
  • Improved the nickname’s display in the employee’s bio section;
  • Added the “languages” attribute to the employee’s bio section.
  • Implemented the choice of language for the employer;
  • Changed domain from hr.pointpay.io to talent.pointpay.io;
  • Improved filters for My contracts pages
  • Added filters by language to the marketplaces of employees and employers.
  • Released HR Talent Alpha, including division of space for employees and employers, new logic with employee invitation, BIO section for employees, new marketplaces with vacancies and employee cards;
  • Implemented obtaining and saving information about the employer for the employee;
  • Added the ability for an unlogged user to view HR Talent;
  • Improved display of contracts on the marketplace;
  • Improved search by tags.



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