Weekly update from PointPay (2 May–6 May 2022)

Dear PointPay Family,

Another week has passed, and we would like to announce the weekly update to our community.

If you like to watch more than reading, check out the Video Weekly Update with our CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev. Follow the link to watch it now.

Mobile App Development 🤖🍏

For iOS mobile applications

  • Implemented Storyly integration.


  • PNL analytics;
  • Portfolio section;
  • The pie chart in PNL analytics;
  • Transfer layout;
  • Forgotten Password flow.

Improved authorization flow, namely

  • The display of the welcome screen background to match the light or dark theme;
  • Referral code verification;
  • Removed “open email” and “open Google Authenticator” buttons;
  • Added automatic code entry for the 2FA screen.


  • Security section;
  • 2FA screen;
  • Sorting on the order history screen;
  • Customer Support button;
  • Staking;
  • Language change;


  • The functionality of the Payments button;
  • The process of creating comments when sending an invoice;
  • Display of the order history;
  • Uploading of the PNL reports;
  • Display the available amount of funds on the withdrawal screen.

For Android mobile applications

  • Improved display of the dark theme in the application.

Improved the display of

  • Arrows when changing the currency type;
  • Wallets on the Dashboard tab;
  • Order history in accounts;
  • Minimum amount when creating orders on the exchange;
  • Comments when sending invoices.


  • Display of the XRP input tag;
  • API support from the bank for mobile platforms;
  • Newsletter subscription/unsubscription;
  • Customer Support button;
  • Staking;
  • Order history.

Interface Development 💻

  • Updated all headers and footers for major products to the third version of the design;
  • Increased the number of emails for 2FA,
  • Removed the screen lock when the authorization code is entered incorrectly;
  • Improved the flow of the KYC process;
  • Added marketing metrics for the registration and authorization form;
  • Improved UX during Log-in.

Optimized the main page and made changes to the web and mobile versions

  • Removed old components from the previous version of the main page;
  • Improved adaptation to the screen;
  • Fixed the scroller and the open menu in the mobile version;
  • Added more links to applications;
  • Fixed text and display errors;

Improved security

  • password strength validation;
  • length of the session when changing the password.

Exchange Development 💱

  • Added processing of RejectedOrder status from the Matcher;
  • Improved the OHLCV service (candle operation service) to work correctly in the backend;
  • Added transaction fees;
  • Added calculation of minute and hour candles in the database.

Crypto Wallet Development 👛

  • Worked on improvements to internal accounting.

Payment System Development 💳

  • Improved integration with the Moonpay payment provider, which now opens on our website and not in the new tab;
  • Improved integration with all payment providers, specifically calculating rates and limits;
  • Started implementing a new method of storing bank card data in accordance with the PCI DSS standard.

Launchboard Development 🌐

  • Added the ability to create and publish projects on Launchboard and Voting via the new admin panel;
  • Improved mobile layout;
  • Made an additional KYC window;
  • Added search queries for the Launchboard.

Withdrawals Development 🔄

  • Developed ten new methods for the Unified Accounts library;
  • Started integration with the FireBlocks API to improve the security of user funds;
  • Cleared the outgoing transaction queue. Suspicious transactions have been removed.

Escrow Platform Development 💡

  • Added KYC for all transactions over $1000;
  • Completed work on admin panel and started testing.


  • the work of email newsletters about actions under the contract;
  • processes related to attaching files to contracts and milestones;
  • the work of the user, moderator, and administrator roles in the project;
  • the process of logging in and out of the account when you are on the escrow page.

Talent Platform Development 👥

  • Wrote models, controllers, migrations for the tagging system, and tests for the employee and employer and employee marketplace pages.

Finished work on the backend

  • for the employee’s page and its display for the employer and employee.

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🏦 Remember, we are PointPay, and we are beyond banking!




Cryptocurrency Ecosystem: pointpay.io Crypto Bank, Exchange, Wallet, Payment System. Buy Bitcoin → https://payments.pointpay.io/ Earn up to 30% yearly with PXP.

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Cryptocurrency Ecosystem: pointpay.io Crypto Bank, Exchange, Wallet, Payment System. Buy Bitcoin → https://payments.pointpay.io/ Earn up to 30% yearly with PXP.

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