Weekly update from PointPay (20 June–24 June, 2022)

Mobile App Development 🤖🍏

For iOS mobile applications

  • Updated interval values according to the changes made on the Exchange side in the Exchange flow;
  • Temporarily hidden “Receive Statements” inside accounts;
  • Removed flags in the language selection flow;
  • Displayed the network type in the Receive At Address, Send By Wallet and Send By Email flows;
  • Removed display of the Tag field when sending XRP by email;
  • Specified the minimum deposit in the Receive To Address flow.
  • UI display of the Market tab;
  • dashboard performance when opening the app;
  • sell and open order flow performance in the Exchange;
  • display of candles in the new design version of Exchange;
  • the functionality of open orders in the Exchange flow;
  • performance of creating a new order in the Exchange flow.
  • an updated switch between candle/line charts in the Exchange flow;
  • the Details tab;
  • staking in native design;
  • staking history.
  • new conditions to the KYC section;
  • sockets for the Market Detail chart;
  • the send amount to the confirmation button in the “Send by wallet” flow;
  • a cross to cancel sending on the last screen in the “Send to wallet” and “Send by email” flows.
  • the endpoint for tightening staking tariffs depending on the amount;
  • default candle chart display to 1 hour.

For Android mobile applications

  • Removed the extra jammer screen in the staking flow and added the Stake PXP card to the dashboard;
  • Improved staking cards’ caching;
  • Completed the entire flow of CryptoLoan processing;
  • Added instructions on how to enable 2FA via Google Authenticator;
  • Fixed a redirect to the main page during the transition to BitGlobal in the “PXP purchase” flow.
  • viewing information on CryptoLoans;
  • transition to receiving a CryptoLoan;
  • transition to social networks within the profile;
  • the Schedule section in the CryptoLoans flow;
  • the full repayment of the CryptoLoan;
  • the Summary screen in the CryptoLoan processing flow.
  • text for KYC;
  • the endpoint for tightening staking tariffs depending on the amount.

Interface Development 💻

  • Added a button click freeze when sending a message about finding a bug after the first click to avoid duplication;
  • Updated Live Roadmap;
  • Implemented an interactive plate for buying/selling cryptocurrency on the main page;
  • Set up sending an SNS event after creating an account using a smartphone;
  • Optimized the API for document read confirmation;
  • Customized the Sign Out button in Safari;
  • Created a script to measure page API speed automatically;
  • Hid irrelevant items for subscription in a personal account;
  • Covered KYC endpoints with tests;
  • Speed up password verification;
  • Investigated several potentially vulnerable libraries;
  • Updated PHP to version 8.1.


  • the input of the confirmation code after entering the wrong code when installing 2FA;
  • display of balance in the header;
  • the display of the issued number of PXP tokens on the main page.
  • the work of Bug Report;
  • opening of pages by correcting the initial display in a language that does not match the geolocation;
  • the display of flags when choosing a language;
  • display of pages in Japanese and Turkish.

Crypto Bank Development 🏦

  • Updated text in transfers;
  • Set limits for Gift Cards for new cryptocurrencies;
  • Set up code linting on the frontend;
  • Moved CryptoBank frontend to npm8 and node18;
  • Prepared a newsletter for US citizens about the termination of accruals on Savings accounts.


  • accounts’ display in Gift Cards;
  • early repayment of CryptoLoan;
  • transfer performance from Savings to Regular accounts.


  • loaders and button blockers on the CryptoLoan action pages;
  • loaders to the list of crypto loans, crypto loan details, payment schedule, and history.


  • withdrawal refactoring;
  • saving information about the USD equivalent for all bank transactions at the time of their execution.


  • the work of input fields in CryptoLoans;
  • the loader in the form of a CryptoLoan calculator.


  • the old lending module on the front;
  • the hint about the discount for internal transfers (internal transfers are free).

Withdrawals Development ⬇️

  • Added new XLM cryptocurrency to the Unified Balance, CryptoBank, and Exchange;
  • Activated automatic currency withdrawals (only available to internal users);
  • Improved the Unified Balance Sheets in terms of reflecting input/output operations.

Payment System Development 💳

  • Conducted a preliminary technical analysis of integration with Sticpay payment provider;
  • Conducted technical analysis of 29 Customer Support tickets. Causes were identified, and recommended steps for the Treasury team were prepared.


  • Payments Staging environment settings for Mercuryo payment provider;
  • “Buy Crypto” performance and control over completed transactions and orders in Grafana

Exchange Development 💱


  • the display of the correct amount on the Unified Balances service when creating a market order to buy;
  • functionality for canceling orders;
  • order size calculation;
  • creation of order with insufficient funds;
  • pagination for the order table;
  • real-time drawing of candles;
  • the return of candles through the web socket.

Launchboard Development 📈

  • Added three additional metrics to Voting records;
  • Completed work on the voting parameters management module;
  • Integrated filters by legal documents to request acceptance from the user for one time;
  • Implemented status display for projects in Voting.

P2P Development

  • Created the ad editing window.


  • a list of ads;
  • a modal window for the initial input of a nickname;
  • the full logic of creating a contract on the backend;
  • Open/Closed filter in the list of user ads;
  • the basic frame of the “My accounts” page.


  • an API for selecting currencies at step 2 when creating an ad;
  • Crowdin and transfer of funds package.


  • a card for one ad;
  • the Payment Methods page.

Added an API

  • “collateral” balance check;
  • to return a list of user payment methods;
  • to add a payment method for the user;
  • for returning payment methods.

Escrow Platform Development 📊

  • Launched Escrow core allocation for use on multiple services;
  • Implemented passing a milestone ID for editing a contract in the request body.

HR Platform Development 👥

  • Completed a study on the implementation of full-text search;
  • Added logic to agree on the time and date of a regular contract;
  • Created an API scheme for the blacklist.


  • a component for selecting the type of contract;
  • the ability to select the type of contract (one-time or regular);
  • a modal window of the company and its vacancies;
  • regular contract type selection;
  • a new contract block for the Job marketplace page;
  • the open contracts page for the company.


  • the performance of replenishment of funds per contract;
  • the work of the “My contracts” tabs
  • the form for editing milestones under a regular contract.


  • Held the AMA session on Telegram Crypto Wolf.



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