Weekly update from PointPay (21–25 March, 2022)

Mobile App Development 🤖🍏

For both iOS & Android mobile applications

  • the design of payments;
  • the design of the dashboard profile.

Interface Development 💻

  • Increased rate limits for API calls;
  • Covering existing code with unit tests on the backend side;
  • Added ability to disable push notifications in the API;
  • Removed notifications about authorization based on Face ID/Touch ID;
  • Added API for entering first and last name in the user profile.

Exchange Development 💱

  • Completing optimization of the Exchange database;
  • Final improvements and testing before deployment of stop-limit orders.

Crypto School 🎒

  • Working on the creation of new lessons for the Crypto School.

Crypto Bank 🏦

  • Added a report on deposits and withdrawals of funds on the platform. The user can send the report by email.

Payment System Development 💳

  • Restored the work of the MoonPay payment system;
  • Reduced the number of requests to payment systems to increase the speed of workflows;
  • Integrated automatic addition of new currencies for the Itez payment system.

Launchboard Development 📈

  • Set Xdebug for Lauchboard;
  • Started working on the mobile version of the Launchboard;
  • Working on the voting module.


  • a table and model for PXP staking for voting;
  • cron command to update project status in voting.


  • Published an interview with Vladimir Kardapoltsev on CoinDesk.



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