Weekly update from PointPay (July 19 — July 23, 2021)

Dear PointPay Community,

⚙️ The following development items have been completed this week:

✔️ Crypto price alerts added in PointPay Banking app for Android;
✔️ Fixed forgot password bug in PointPay Banking app for Android;
✔️ Security blur screen added while PointPay Banking app for iOS is in tray mode;
✔️ Zero fees set for internal transfers in PointPay Banking app for iOS;
✔️ Security feature added: inability to withdraw funds from PointPay for 48 hours if the user’s password has been changed.

💡Check PointPay Live-Roadmap (PointPay development in real time): https://pointpay.io/live-roadmap/ (July 19 — July 23, 2021)

📅 Check PointPay Roadmap: https://pointpay.io/#roadmap

👪 Discuss the project in PointPay Family Telegram chat: https://t.me/pointpay_talks



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