Weekly update from PointPay (November 8— November 12, 2021)

Dear PointPay Family,

⚙️ You can check the list of our latest updates below:

✔️ Completed the 9th burn of 1,400,000 PXP;

✔️ Added account management on the “Send” screen in the Android app;

✔️ Fixed switching to Ukrainian and Brazilian languages in the Android app;

✔️ Released the Advanced web version of the PointPay exchange design;

✔️ Finalized the overhaul of the internal balance system;

✔️ Finished internal KYC limits. Ready for the production stage integration with Sum & Substance (Sumsub);

✔️ Final audit of KYC personal data storage, compliant with Tier III classification of the Uptime Institute (TIA-942 and PCI DSS standards);

✔️ Integration of PHP and Golang services;

✔️ Implementation of new queue logic;

✔️ Integration of exchange services with Apache Kafka;

✔️ Finished development of the SQLX package for the databases;

✔️ Refactoring of the Kubernetes services with RDS databases;

✔️ Relocation from Mailchimp to AWS PinPoint;

✔️ Optimization of the CICD staging Kubernetes cluster.

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