Weekly update from PointPay (November 29 — December 3, 2021)

Dear PointPay Family,

We are happy to pass another month and enter December! We prepared our weekly update with great news and our CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev highlighted them in the new video.


Mobile App Development

  • Added the ability to send funds from the Wallet and Exchange;
  • Solved errors in the interface.


  • Created Helm charts for PointPay Crypto Bank;
  • Improved integration between BitBucket and Jira;
  • Moved EC2 instances in ClickHouse to the BACnet;
  • Worked on the environment and pipelines for the new Golang Matcher;
  • Added EKS logs for the wallet in the Staging and Production environments;
  • Worked on the migration from MailChimp to MailGun and Mailinblue.

Frontend Development

  • Added integration of a new library for the Yandex metrics;
  • Fixed mistranslations in French and Japanese;
  • Fixed dropdown list for the currencies' menu;
  • Improved dark mode configuration on the settings tab.
  • Accounts;
  • Quick Exchange;
  • Referrals;
  • Order history;
  • Apply for listing.

Exchange Development

  • Deployment of new Golang matcher and execution of additional stress and volume tests;
  • Integration of PHP and Golang services via Apache Kafka (integration of the Golang new matcher, additional testing);
  • Solved problems in the Advanced interface of the exchange;
  • Preliminary planning for the implementation of the new Classic Exchange interface.

Crypto Bank Development

  • Fixed a staging error with Redis;
  • Created API test cases.
  • “Pending” status for transactions;
  • Amount of tokens staked in USD;
  • Sentry service;
  • Ability to download and email a CSV file with CryptoBank transactions;
  • Ability to display back-end errors on the front-end.

Payment System Development

  • Fixed inability to purchase certain cryptocurrencies
  • Tested the ACH (Moonpay) payment method

Launchboard Development

  • Created a widget for buying tokens;
  • Scouting for the projects.

Admin Panel Development

  • Created a block with a list of orders and balances;
  • Created filters by type and status in the crypto bank, wallet, and exchange;
  • Created the function that aggregates statistics about request logs;
  • Implemented APIs for the queries about aggregated historical data in Clickhouse;
  • Created an endpoint to get the list of orders from the exchange.


  • The release of KYC is postponed due to additional testing and regulatory requirements.

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🏦 Remember we are PointPay and we are beyond banking!



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